B – Barber to Betrayal

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Dreaming about a barber indicates you will gain success through struggling and paying close attention to business.  For a young woman to dream of a barber means she will gain personal wealth soon.


If you are walking around barefoot in your dream in indicates your expiations for something has not come true, and all of your efforts are failing.


If the barn is filled with corn and grain dreaming about a barn is considered a good omen and indicates prosperity in the future.  If the barn is empty it means hard times and little wealth.


To see a barometer in a dream means you expect a change in your affairs which will prove profitable to take place soon.   If it is broken you expect problems with your business.


To dream that you are in a basement indicates you feel uncomfortable and cold and expect trouble in the foreseeable future.


If you are carrying a basket in your dream it signifies you see success in the future if it is full and failure if it is empty.


If you are taking a warm and comfortable bath it means you are content and relaxed with your present position in life.  A cold bath would indicate you are unhappy or disappointed with yourself.


Seeing bats in your dream indicates you are experiencing very much sorrow in your life and are fearful of the illness or death of a friend or family member.  Dreaming about bats is always a frightful and unpleasant experience but does not necessarily foretell of impending illness or death.


To see a beacon light indicates you will soon be safe from whatever illness or fear you now have.  For a traveler it means refuge, and for the sick a speedy recovery.  If your business or a personal relationship has been failing it means you see hope for the future.


Relaxing on a beach signifies your value of calm and quite moments.  Running on the beach indicates your relentless desire to keep healthy.  Working on a beach means you expect to soon.

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To dream of a bear indicates you are experiencing overwhelming competition in personal or business pursuits.  To kill a bear means you have overcome fear and triumphed in your pursuit of a good life.


Beauty in any form is very good. A beautiful woman brings joy and pleasure.  A beautiful scene brings joy and hapiness in your daily life.  A beautiful child indicates you are pleased with the reciprocal love you give and receive.


Watching a beaver work indicates you realize much hard work and effort will be necessary to achieve your current goal.  If the beaver is struggling it may indicate problems with a project you are doing and some corrections may be necessary.


Dreaming of sleeping in a bed outdoors in a pleasant setting means you are having delightful experiences and expect success in your endeavors.  Seeing a neat clean well made bed denotes peace and tranquility.  If you are sleeping in a bed that is not yours you are expecting success in a future business transaction.  If you are making the bed it means you expect visitors soon.


If you are drinking beer in your dream you are expecting a delicious and rewarding event.  If you are watching others drink beer but you are not, it may mean you feel you need more self control.


Bees signify pleasant and profitable times.  It is considered lucky to dream about bees because they are hard workers and help beautify the world we live in.  If you dream about bees you are looking forward to a bright and bountiful future.


To hear bells tolling in your dreams means you feel you are being called to assist or help someone.


If you are betting on something in your dream it indicates you are getting desperate to achieve your goals.  Betting usually means you are looking for an easier way to achieve them.  Dreaming about betting is not always a bad thing.  Some dreams about betting are included in fun filled events you are dreaming about.


This type of dream usually indicates you feel you have been let down by a friend or family member recently.  It may not mean they betrayed you but dreams can over exaggerate an unpleasant incident at times.  Carefully examine this type of dream so you do not misunderstand its meaning.

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