A – Abandon to Acquit

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If you dream that you are abandoned it could indicate impending problems and that you are concerned about your future success. Dreaming that you abandoned someone can mean you may be concerned about a relationship. If you witnessed someone being abandoned it can indicate you are expecting some sort of bad news. If you abandon an object you are looking to make major changes in your life. Any dream about abandonment is usually an indication you are worried or discontent.


Viewing an abbey in bright sunshine as a thing of beauty indicates happiness and good luck. If the abbey appears surrounded by dark clouds and is very gloomy it is a sign of sadness and you are unhappy for some reason.


An exposed abdomen is a sign of betrayal and you are vulnerable. It indicates you should be very cautious at this time. To see an abdomen with blood oozing out means something tragic has happened.


To dream that you abhor someone means you are correct about your suspicions of their honesty. If you dream that someone abhors you it means your actions have been misunderstood. Finding something distasteful or annoying warns of impending difficult times.


To dream about an abortion means you are contemplating or have dome something you are concerned or feel bad about. It can also indicate unhappiness or you are concerned about your health.


Indicates you are in fear of being removed from or forced to leave someplace where you feel comfortable and safe. It can indicate you have recently been in a situation where you felt uncomfortable.


Dreaming about abnormal things, items or people indicates your current problems are bothering you more than you suspect. When your mind is seriously concerned about something in your life it can create abnormal visions to indicate your concerns.


Dreams about traveling abroad usually indicate a desire for adventure. It can also mean you desire a change from your present conditions.


To grieve over the absence of a friend or family member can denote your fear of losing a life long friend. If you are exited about the absence of a friend or family member you will soon loose someone you consider your enemy.

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Abstinence from eating or drinking indicates you may be

punishing yourself, but the reason may not be clear. It can also mean you are trying to prove to yourself that you are stronger or more self-sufficient that you believe you are.


Abundance indicates feelings of contentment and happiness. Dreaming you have an abundance of items or energy is a very good omen and means you feel you will have a happy future.


To dream that you have abused someone indicates you feel you have not acted honorably or honestly recently. If you dream that you are being abused it indicates you are being forewarned about someone or something you are suspicious of.


Falling into an abyss is a very common dream and considered a warning to be cautious of a personal or business deal. Dreaming about looking into an abyss means you feel you will be confronted with threats of a personal nature, or will be burdened with something you are concerned about.


A dream that means you are about to make new friends and are exited about them and your future. To dream you are revisiting an academy is a peaceful and common dream.


To dream about an accident means you are concerned about traveling for some reason. Traveling dreams usually reveal a subconscious fear about the type of transportation you are using when the accident occurs. They are a contradictory dream because they come from the unconscious mind and do not necessarily reflect your true feelings.


Usually an indication you need some sort of medical attention and are curious about this controversial yet interesting form of healing.


Having a pleasant conversation after meeting an acquaintance means you are happy and content at the moment. Having an argument or heated disagreement with the acquaintance indicates you are angry or displeased about something. It may have nothing to do with the acquaintance.


To dream to have been acquitted of a crime indicates you have been forgiven for something you have been feeling guilty about. To see others acquitted, foretells that you are happy for the success of your friends.

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