A – Attacked to Axe

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Dreaming about being attacked is considered a bad omen dream. Use caution for a while because this may be a warning for you. If you are attacked by an animal it could mean you have recently been frightened by one. If you are attacked by a person it may mean you have a subconscious fear of someone you know or are associated with. It quite often means your honesty or integrity has unjustly been questioned and you interpret that as being attacked.


To dream you are looking at an atlas denotes that you are carefully researching an interest before making any changes in your life.


If you dream that you are in an attic it indicates you have plans and hopes that will fail to materialize. To dream you are sleeping in an attic means you are comfortable with yourself and your present situation.


Seeing an attorney denotes problems of a serious nature are in your near future. If the attorney is defending you in a court room it means you feel guilty about something and you should be held responsible for your actions.


To dream of an auction is usually a good omen. If you are buying at the auction you are having good fortune and success. Dreaming that you are auctioning off some of your possessions indicates a feeling of despair and desperation.

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Dreaming about autumn is usually a favorable dream and indicates happiness and contentment. It can mean you recently had an enjoyable reunion with a family member or friend.


If you are dreaming about driving a new expensive luxury car or a beautiful sports car, then you are happy and excited about your life in this dream. Driving an old broken down and rusty vehicle indicates a feeling of failure and frustration and can indicate you are going through some tough times.


Dreaming you are awake indicates restlessness in your mind or body. It could also be a lucid dream where you are actually not fully asleep. (see lucid dreams). Lucid dreams have been scientifically proven to happen and if you are having dreams where you feel that you are awake, you should look further into lucid dreaming.


Dreaming about an autopsy oddly enough is not considered to be a bad dream, and could be considered a good omen. It usually indicates a feeling you are going to experience something new and adventurous soon.


Watching an avalanche you fear unable to avoid being buried in, means you realize there are obstacles in life which you cannot avoid. Usually it means you are aware of things in your life that you must change or they could become disastrous.


Seeing an axe in a dream denotes a feeling you must work hard to achieve your goals. If the axe is sharp and you feel energetic and lively everything is well. If you are struggling with the axe because it is dull or broken it indicates you are ill or overburdened at the moment.

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