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Dreaming about a new well appointed apartment indicates good luck and good fortune and that your financial position has probably improved. Seeing a dirty run down apartment means you are expecting some hard times and misfortune. You may need to be cautious about your financial needs. Try to remember items you saw in the apartment so you can look up the interpretations for those items.


Usually this is a very good dream and indicates happiness and good fortune. If the tree has a lot of red apples on it then everything is good in your life and can imply you are falling in love. Green, bitter, or rotting apples lying on the ground is usually not as good a dream and can mean there may be troubles ahead for you. This is another example where the theme of the dream can determine the interpretation of seeing apples. If you are having a happy dream and you just walk by an apple on the ground it could mean nothing at all.


To dream that you are an apprentice indicates you are struggling at your job or having difficulties with your studies.


Dreams of seeing apricots growing, denotes that what you determine to be good may hold some bitter experiences for you. Eating apricots can indicate you have been wasting your time on trivial and unimportant things or people, and you will eventually be disappointed.


Dreaming about April means you are looking for a new and fresh start in either your life or job. If the weather is cloudy or rainy it indicates you could have difficulty with your change in circumstances.


Dreaming of an aquarium indicates contentment and pleasure with the smallest of things in your life. The size of the tank indicates the quality of life you are enjoying. The larger the aquarium is, the better the quality of your life.


If you argue in a dream with a person that you would normally not argue with while awake, your subconscious mind may be releasing thoughts you have, but normally suppress. If you dream about arguing with someone in the future it can be a warning not to make impulsive decisions.


Dreaming about an architect drawing up plans denotes a change in your business or job. If you dream that you are an architect working on a project it indicates you are about to make changes in your life style.

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If you dream you cannot move your arms it indicates a feeling of helplessness and that you are unable to take care of yourself. If you can only move one arm you feel the need for help and are reaching out to someone to assist you. (see lucid dreams)


To dream about a sweet aroma denotes you will soon be the recipient of something pleasant. A sour or foul aroma would be the opposite and you could be receiving bad news.


To see a respectable looking person arrested means you are looking to make changes in your life. If they are resisting being arrested, you are expecting a fight or disagreement with someone very soon.


This dream indicates pleasure. You are going expecting to be entertained or go somewhere you enjoy very much. Seeing a broken arrow indicates a disappointment in your business or personal life.

Art Gallery

To visit an art gallery indicates you are looking for different associations in your life, and want to travel and see more of what the world has to offer.


If you ascend to the top of a hill or the top of a staircase it indicates you are easily overcoming obstacles and in a dream.


To dream of visiting Asia is a confirmation of changes in your life but you will not benefit from them, and will receive no financial gain.


Dreaming about asparagus signifies you will be prosperous and successful. If you are eating asparagus it means your success may be temporarily interrupted.


If you see someone assassinated it is a warning you are in for some misfortune and may incur some losses soon. If you are the one that is assassinated it means you are having problems and believe you will not be able to over come them.


Giving assistance to someone in a dream means you will have success in your career. If someone assists you it indicates you have many loyal friends that you can count on.

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