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To dream of aliens indicates your curiosity about something you are not sure exists but you fantasize what they may be like. A fearful dream about aliens obviously indicates your fear of them. Dreaming of an enjoyable experience with an alien would suggest you believe they could exist as friendly beings.


To dream of an alley, denotes you are uncomfortable with your current surroundings. Alleys are usually viewed as dark and foreboding places that make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes fearful.


To dream about an alligator is a dream of caution, and most often indicates a problem. If you are attacked by an alligator and you kill it, then you have defeated and overcome your problem. Under most circumstances this in an unfavorable dream.


Dreaming about almonds indicates you are going to have good fortune and money. Sorrow and disappointment is also associated with almonds if they are spoiled or bitter. Generally a dream about almonds is considered a good omen.


To dream of an almanac, means good fortune awaits you. It is believed that good luck will come by dreaming you are reading an almanac.


To dream of seeing an altar is another contradictory dream and can mean many different things. It can mean a wedding which is a happy occasion or a funeral which would be a sad occasion. Altars are seldom seen in dreams and it is even rarer to dream of a priest at an altar. Repentance is also implied.


To dream about an ambulance is a warning to be careful of possible danger. It is usually considered a bad omen where your health is concerned. It can mean you fear that you may have become ill with an incurable disease.


Dreaming about an amateur, whether its an entertainer, a worker, a doctor, nurse or any other kind of amateur denotes your dreams will come true. If there is a tragedy involved your happiness will contradict it and make things better. Dreaming about an amateur is usually a good dream about hope and a pleasant future.


To dream of aluminum, denotes happiness with your current circumstances and that you are content. Tarnished aluminum indicates unexpected sorrow in your life.

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To dream you are amorous means that you are thinking about your personal desires and pleasure more than you usually do. To dream that someone is amorous with you is a pleasant dream that means you feel good about yourself.


Having an arm or leg amputated denotes a personal loss in your life. It is a depressing dream and usually indicates extreme unhappiness or depression.

Amusement park

Having a dream about an amusement park is usually a pleasant and happy dream. It indicates a desire for adventure and excitement. If the amusement park is empty and you are the only one there indicates you are very depressed and afraid of being alone.


To dream of an anchor is a sign that good friends or family members may soon separate. It can also be an indication that you may be traveling a long distance or to a foreign country.


Dreaming about angels is usually a very prophetic dream and can have many different meanings. If it is a pleasant dream, you are expecting to hear about the good fortune of a friend soon. The dreamer’s personal beliefs play a large part in this type of dream. Many times when you dream of angels it means there will be a major change in your life.


To dream of anger denotes that you are releasing your true feelings about someone or something that you hesitate to express in your waking state. It can be a way of venting disappointments or anger that you normally would not do. If you dream that someone is angry with you it indicates you feel guilty about something.


Dreaming about antelopes means you have high ambitions that you expect to achieve.


Dreaming about animals indicates a part of your personality that you equate with that animal. If the animal is aggressive you are having aggressive feelings at this time. If it is a passive animal then you are in a more calm and restful mood. If you are attacked by an animal it may indicate a fear of animals.


Because ants are annoying pesky creatures they indicate annoying things in our dreams. When you dream about ants you are being bothered by something that is annoying you. Many petty annoyances during the day can creep into your dreams.

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