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Actor or Actress

To see in your dreams yourself as an actress or actor denotes that you are in a state of success and pleasure. To have and actor or actress visit you indicates you feel privileged and important. To have people surround you and admire you as if you were and actress or actor means you are seeing yourself in a fantasy world you desire.


To dream that people admire you denotes that you feel confident you will retain the respect of former business associates though you believe you will attain more success.


To admonish someone means you feel betrayed and feel it necessary express your feelings in a very visible way.


Seeing yourself as being adopted signifies personal acceptance. It indicates you have been feeling lonely or deserted and now have been saved.


To dream of a partner being unfaithful can indicate insecurity or feelings of sexual inadequacy. Dreaming of having an affair with someone else can mean you are dissatisfied with your relationship or circumstances. Dreaming of having sex with another partner can mean you are just experiencing a sexual fantasy and have no connection to your relationship.


To dream of advancing in any project you are involved with, such as your career, a special project, a hobby, or a personal relationship would mean happiness, contentment, and confidence in yourself. To see others advance is another contradictory dream and can mean you are either happy or jealous of a friend or associate. This again can depend on the type of dream you are having.


To dream that you are receiving advice denotes you are lost or confused and are seeking help. To give advice represents a confirmation of your confidence in yourself.


To feel that you are afraid to proceed with plans you have made, or go on a trip you have planned usually indicates you are having problems within your family or circle of friends. If you dream that someone else is afraid is a sign you should be cautious.


To dream you are younger than your current age denotes a desire to return to your childhood for some reason. If you are dreaming that you are older it would indicate a fear of the future or you are afraid of becoming ill.

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You are sad or distraught over recent events if you dream of agony. It usually means you are very unhappy about something in this dream and are taking it personally. Agony is the type of feeling that can pertain only to this dream and not have any connection with your actual circumstances.


Dreaming you have aids or any other dreaded disease indicates you feel something is seriously wrong with your health. It can also indicate something is seriously wrong with your relationships, your career, or family. To dream someone else is seriously or incurably ill means you have feelings of being helpless.


To dream you feel hot air suggests something evil or dangerous may happen. Dreaming you feel cold air indicates a problem with your career or personal relationship. Dreaming about heavy humid air would denote you are feeling oppressed or under a lot of pressure.


If you are afraid of flying then dreaming about an airplane would be expressing fear of some sort. If you are not afraid of airplanes it could indicate a desire for travel or adventure. If you like to fly it represents something you enjoy and indicates happiness.

Airplane Crash

A very negative dream indicating a negative change in your life and everyone involved with you. This dream is symbolic of feeling helpless in the face of tragedy.


Represents the desire to travel and seek adventure. Airports symbolize the beginning of a journey and can mean a desire

for freedom. An empty airport can indicate you have changed or canceled some travel or vacation plans.


To dream of an album, denotes you are thinking about your relationship with friends and relatives. It can mean you are grieving for a lost friend or relative and are reminiscing.


Dreaming about drinking alcohol indicates a desire to escape reality. It can denote a desire to forget or get away

from a situation or problem.

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