How to Find a Psychic Online
It is very easy to say that not all psychics and mediums are equally good. Even though all the psychics registered as experts on Oranum (psychic directory) are tested prior being accepted to work for the site, not all are really psychics, and some even are but are not using their gift to even slightest potential, because they are not in touch with that aspect of self, so some are just good tarot readers, or gypsy card readers and some are merely good at convincing people with speech. 

So you can imagine not all will give you answers to your questions in details. Not all know spirit communication.

Au contraire, some will very much chase you around the bush with their answers, and you will leave the reading even more confused than entering. As I said, there is a distinction between them in manner of their work.

Some are tarot readers the others are Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient.

You can imagine Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, or Clairaudient will give you more detailed answers than tarot card reader, but of course that is not always the case, some just use tarot cards for confirmation of what they see. I like medium readings as they actually talk to spirit guides of the deceased family members.

In this article I will give you some tips on how to find a good Psychic on Oranum

Tips of finding Good Psychics


1. Rating System

There is always a rating system that shows how customers have rated the psychic. You will find this under any profile of the psychic. One more thing you can check is the number “helped on” but you have to take some facts into consideration, such as that of higher number not always meaning the psychic is good.


2. Feed Back

The most valuable indicator of a good psychic is customer’s feedback. Always read customers feedback to see how they were satisfied with their psychic reading. Only customers who actually had a private reading can leave a feedback. Feedbacks are real and no one has influence on what you write or don’t write.


What is the offer online?

Unlike other websites that offer Phone Psychic Readings, Oranum offers Live Psychic Chat and Live Psychic Reading, meaning the entire time you have a conversation in Free Chat Room or have a Private Reading, you can see their facial expression and hear the Psychic you have chosen for you that day. 

It is all live feed.  

The best feature of the site is, you may enter and exit as you please, no charge.

With that you can have a conversation with your chosen psychic free of charge, unless you wish to take them for a Private Reading, than that is something you must pay for. But only when you yourself decide to do so.


Record Your Readings

As my practice is, it might help you too; I always record my readings, that way I can listen to the reading later on any time I wish. Mind the fact, you always hear a lot more and clearer when listening to it for more times and even a while later. That also leaves it to confirm the statements your chosen psychic said.

One more way to get answers to your questions is e-mail reading where you send questions to a psychic and psychic answers you with an e-mail. The down side of an e-mail reading is that you do not have direct interaction with a psychic so you cannot ask any sub-questions when you want to clarify something.

So my suggestion is, when you find a good psychic rather take him to Live Psychic Reading than to choose an e-mail reading simply because it cost less. Why? Because you will get much more out of Live Psychic Reading than you would out of e-mail reading!