Famous People born into the Scorpio Zodiac SignScorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Scorpius. Scorpio’s passion runs deep. Sometimes too deep and so intense that it makes others feel uncomfortable. Scorpios are determined people who know what they want and go after it. Obstacles don’t scare Scorpios. They are strong-willed and will forge ahead until they achieve what they set out for. However, they can use ruthless and devious tactics to get what they want. If they don’t get what they want they can become cruel and revengeful. Scorpio is most compatibly with Pisces, Taurus, Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Libra.
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Check the list of Famous People born into the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

October 24, 1632Antony van Leeuwenhoek Microbiologist
October 24, 1644William Penn Founder
October 24, 1947Kevin Kline Actor
October 25, 1888Richard E. Byrd Explorer
October 25, 1881Pablo Picasso Artist
October 25, 1941Helen Ready Singer
October 26, 1914Jackie Coogan Child Actor
October 26, 1919Reza Pahlavi Shah Royalty
October 26, 1946Pat Sajak TV Host
October 26, 1947Hillary R. Clinton First Lady
October 26, 1947Jaclyn Smith Actress
October 27, 1857Theodore Roosevelt President US
October 27, 1872Emily Post Etiquette
October 27, 1914Dylan Thomas Writer
October 27, 1926H.R. Haldeman Nixon Cabinet
October 27, 1932Sylvia Plath Poet
October 27, 1963Marla Maples Celebrity
October 28, 1914Jonas Salk Scientist
October 28, 1939John Cleese Actor
October 28, 1949Kate Jackson Actress
October 28, 1616Nicholas Culpepper Astrologer
October 28, 1955Bill Gates Computer
October 29, 1897Paul Joseph Goebbels Nazi
October 29, 1947Richard Dreyfuss Actor
October 29, 1971Winona Ryder Actress
October 28, 1949Kate Jackson Actress
October 30, 1885Ezra Pound Poet
October 30, 1924Truman Capote Writer
October 30, 1939Grace Slick Singer
October 30, 1945Henry Winkler Actor
October 30, 1951Harry Hamlin Actor
October 31, 1900Ethel Waters Singer
October 31, 1931Dan Rather Newscaster
November 1, 1866Cherio Occultist
November 1, 1871Steven Crane Writer
November 1, 1942Larry Flint Publisher
November 2, 1755Marie Antoinette Royalty
November 2, 1795James K. Polk President US
November 2, 1865Warren G. Harding Politician
November 2, 1913Burt Lancaster Actor
November 2, 1938Pat Buchanan Journalist
November 2, 1942Shere Hite Writer
November 3, 1794William C. Bryant Writer
November 3, 1901Andre Malraux Writer
November 3, 1922Charles Bronson Actor
November 3, 1933Michael Dukakis Politician
November 3, 1952Roseanne Arnold Actress
November 4, 1879Will Rogers Entertainer
November 4, 1916Walter Cronkite Newscaster
November 4, 1919Martin Balsam Actor
November 4, 1937Loretta Swit Actress
November 5, 1911Roy Rodgers Singer
November 5, 1913Vivian Leigh Actress
November 5, 1931Ike Turner Singer
November 5, 1941Elke Sommer Actress
November 5, 1941Art Garfunkel Singer
November 5, 1942Paul Simon Singer
November 5, 1963Tatum O'Neal Child Actress
November 6, 1854John P. Sousa Composer
November 6, 1946Sally Field Actress
November 6, 1946Maria Shriver Kennedy Family
November 7, 1867Marie Curie Scientist
November 7, 1879Leon Trotsky Revolutionary
November 7, 1913Albert Camus Writer
November 7, 1918Billy Graham Religious Reader
November 7, 1922Al Hirt Musician
November 7, 1926Joan Sutherland Singer
November 7, 1937Mary Travers Singer
November 7, 1943Joni Mitchell Singer
November 8, 1907Katherine Hepburn Actress
November 8, 1922Christian Barnard Surgeon
November 8, 1949Bonnie Raitt Singer
November 8, 1950Philip Sedgwick Astrologer
November 9, 1826Charubel Astrologer
November 9, 1914Hedy Lamarr Actress
November 9, 1918Spiro Agnew Politician
November 9, 1934Carl Sagan Scientist
November 9, 1952Lou Ferrigno Celebrity
November 10, 1925Richard Burton Actor
November 10, 1946David A. Stockman Political Aide
November 11, 1821F. Dostoevsky Writer
November 11, 1918George Patton Military
November 11, 1922Kurt Vonnegaut Writer
November 11, 1925Jonathan Winters Comedian
November 11, 1962Demi Moore Actress
November 12, 1833Alexander Borodin Composer
November 12, 1840Auguste Rodin Sculpture
November 12, 1929Grace Kelly Royalty
November 12, 1945Neil Young Singer
November 12, 1961Nadia Comaneci Athlete
November 13, 1850Robert L. Stevenson Writer
November 13, 1928Michel Gauguelin Astrologer
November 13, 1949Whoppi Goldberg Comedienne
November 14, 1896Mamie Eisenhower First Lady
November 14, 1908Joseph McCarthy Politician
November 14, 1912Barbara Hutton Actress
November 14, 1935King Hussein Jordan Royalty
November 14, 1948Prince Charles Royalty
November 15, 1891Erwin Romel Military
November 15, 1925Howard Baker Chief of Staff
November 15, 1929Ed Asner Actor
November 15, 1932Petula Clark Actress
November 15, 1956Ashley Cox Model
November 16, 1936Dick Cavett TV Host
November 17, 1907Francis Regardie Occultist
November 17, 1925Rock Hudson Actor
November 17, 1938Gordon Lightfoot Singer
November 17, 1942Martin Scorsese Director
November 17, 1943Lauren Hutton Actress
November 17, 1944Danny DeVito Actor
November 18, 1860Ignace Paderewski Musician
November 18, 1931Prince R. Orsini Royalty
November 18, 1939Brenda Vacarro Actress
November 19, 1831James Garfield President US
November 19, 1863Billy Sunday Religious Leader
November 19, 1483Martin Luther Religious Leader
November 19, 1917Indira Gandhi Political Leader
November 19, 1921Roy Campanella Sports Figure
November 19, 1938Ted Turner Celebrity
November 19, 1962Jody Foster Actress
November 19, 1908Alistair Cooke TV Host
November 20, 1916Judy Canova Actress
November 20, 1925Kay Ballard Comedienne
November 20, 1925Robert Kennedy Attorney General
November 20, 1939Dick Smothers Comedian
November 20, 1956Bo Derek Sex Symbol
November 21, 1694Votaire Writer
November 21, 1920Stan Musial Sports Figure
November 21, 1938Marlow Thomas Actress
November 21, 1946Goldie Hawn Actress
November 22, 1819George Eliot Writer
November 22, 1890Charles De Gaulle Statesman
November 22, 1869Andre Gide Writer
November 22, 1924Geraldyne Page Actress
November 22, 1921Rodney Dangerfield Comedian
November 22, 1943Billie Jean King Tennis Star
November 22, 1958Jamie Lee Curtis Actress

Negative Side Of A Scorpio

The negative characteristics of a Scorpio:

  • Hypersensitive
  • Arrogant
  • Competive
  • Sly
  • Cruel
  • Devious
  • Ruthless
  • Revengeful
  • Violent temper
  • Secretive

Positive Side Of A Scorpio

The positive characteristics of a Scorpio:

  • Knows what they want
  • Not afraid of obstacles
  • Strong willed
  • Deep understanding of people
  • Passionate
  • Brave
  • Determined

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Famous Scorpio Zodiac Sign


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