Cancer man in loveWhen talking about what the best zodiac is to take home to meet your parents, nothing beats the Cancer Man. With the potential to become a supportive and long-term partner; and a kind and patient father, the Crab is a faithful and stable man best suited for a traditional and cozy relationship.

How to Attract the Cancer Man

Before you attract him, you need to know where to find him. Most Cancer men are creative individuals, so you can probably find him in an art gallery, in a museum, in an arts and crafts supply store, or even at a home improvement store since he loves taking care of his home.

Once you have your eyes set on the Cancer man, it’s time to catch his attention. Here are tips to attracting the Crab:

1. Get Close to Him First

The Cancer Man is shy and mysterious. He is one of the most private and cautious of all signs, one of the most distrusting of others, and lacks initiative. Because of these, he may seem aloof and cold, and will definitely take his time before he makes his move.

Before you start flirting, get close to the Cancer man by getting close to his friends or family. The Crab revels in his comfort zone and once you become a constant part of his life or even his friends’ lives for that matter, he will start to get comfortable with you.

2. Make the First Move

If you’re waiting for the Cancer man to ask you out, then don’t hold your breath. You have to make the first move because one of his weaknesses is lack of initiative. But don’t be direct – you can make hints about maybe wanting to go to a concert but you have no one to go there with so you ask him if he wants to come with you; or you want to join a cooking class but you have to enroll by pairs so you ask him if he wants to take the class with you. Make the first move without being aggressive.

3. Be Feminine

how to get a Cancer man to chase you
Essentially, the Cancer Man is a traditional family man who’s looking for his ideal wife and mother to his children. He wants someone who is nurturing, feminine, and old-fashioned. He also wants a woman who acts appropriately at all times. In short, the Cancer man is attracted to women who are lady-like. So avoid the whole “one of the boys” approach unless you want him to see you as just that.

Wear flirty dresses, let your hair down, wear dainty shoes, and take care of your looks.

The Cancer Man in Love

The Crab moves slowly and will probably require many meetings before he starts to open up. As naturally suspicious, he won’t readily express his love for you even when he does feel it. He will take his time and make sure you are both on the same level before he does break down his barriers.

When he does open up, the Cancer man is intuitive to your needs and will most likely give you the support and the help you need without you even asking. He is loyal, gentle, tender, and reliable, making it easy for you to fall in love with him, too.

The Cancer Man Sexuality

The Crab is sensual and tender in bed. He may not be a sexual brute but does enjoy physical intimacy, especially when he is truly in love with you. His sexual satisfaction depends on his emotional with you.

Cancer Man in Relationships

The Cancer Man in Relationships

The Crab is naturally sensitive so he attends to your physical and emotional needs. He is tender and caring, will not forget special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, and will do everything in his power to make you feel loved.

For dates, he loves cozy dinners at home and walks on the beach. He doesn’t need fancy things, and is generally content as long as he’s comfortable.

He puts utmost importance on family, and if and when he gets married, his priority will be his wife and kids.

Money and the Cancer Man

The Cancer man is thrifty and prudent. He will not spend his money on impulse purchases and prefers investments with long-term rewards over risky choices with short-term gains.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Dating a Cancer Man


What are the Positive and Negative Sides to Dating a Cancer Man?



how to make a Cancer man fall in love

  • Loyalty and Stability
  • Reliable
  • Intuitive so he meets your needs without you having to ask him to do something for you
  • Will make you feel genuinely loved and taken cared of
  • He is quiet and calm, so heated arguments will be very rare
  • Will make the perfect husband and father as he loves family-life




  • Routine will make the relationship boring
  • Hates spontaneity and going out of his comfort zone
  • Can be insecure
  • Can be moody

What are the Zodiac Signs Compatible with the Cancer Man?

As a water sign and ruled over by the Moon, the Cancer Man is most compatible with water and earth signs.



  • The Scorpio Woman – both have high levels of sensitivity and have the same desires, making the match one of the best among all zodiac signs.
  • The Pisces Woman – both are emotionally vulnerable, and the Pisces woman will sympathise with the Crab’s sensitivity and moodiness.
  • The Virgo Woman – both have strong work ethics and love spending time at home, making the match a compatible union.
  • The Leo Woman – the Lion will love the Crab’s loyalty and attention while the latter will love the former’s dominant nature, especially in bed.



  • The Sagittarius Woman – the Archer loves adventure and excitement, which means she’ll find the Crab’s love of staying at home dull and boring.
  • The Aquarius Woman – the free-spirited woman will find the Crab’s insecurities and possessiveness too restricting.
  • The Gemini Woman – the Crab won’t be able to keep up with the Gemini’s independent nature
  • The Libra Woman – the Libra woman is too materialistic for the simple Cancer man
  • The Capricorn Woman – the Goat won’t be attracted to Cancer’s lack of ambition
  • The Aries Woman – considered to be one of the worst pairings, the Crab will find the Aries woman’s blunt honesty as offensive, and they’ll both find themselves in constant struggles since she has a highly combative nature while the Cancer man avoids conflicts at all times.


How Do You Know if the Cancer Man Likes You?

how to get a Cancer man to miss youWhen the Cancer man starts to care for you, you’ll know it by how he attends to your needs. He will start doing things for you, such as doing your chores, picking you up from work, fixing your things at home, and asking you to join activities with his close friends or family. On your birthday or special occasions such as Christmas, he will present you with gifts such as flowers or chocolates.

How Do You Keep the Cancer Man?

Cancer men love being listened to, so when he talks about his feelings, his dreams and aspirations, you have to listen to him. He also loves being neat and organised, so you have to organize and declutter your place. He hates being in crowds so you have to avoid large social gatherings and just about anywhere that has a large number of people. He is also insecure so don’t talk about your past relationships.

Show him your love of family, your homemaking skills, and shower him with love and affection, and pretty soon, you’ll be in for a long and fulfilling relationship with the Cancer Man.

Best Gifts for Cancer Man

What are the best birth day gifts for a Cancer man? Check this Beautiful Zodiac Gifts for Cancer. From jewelry to technology and much more.

1. Jewelry for Cancer

These Cancer Pendants are available with various chain lengths in Sterling Silver or Gold. The Gold Cancer Pendants come in a choice of white or yellow gold and in a choice of karat.

best birthday gift for a cancer man

gifts for cancer man

perfect gift for cancer man

2. Watches for Men

3. Technology Gifts

4. Action Gifts

5. Pampering Gifts

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