Amethyst Crystal Necklace

Amethyst Crystal Necklace

Considered to be one of the most beautiful gemstones, Amethyst has a rich history and renowned for its unique purple hue. Let’s discover the world of this beautiful gemstone and how you can benefit from its long list of healing properties.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is the combination of two Greek words, with “a”, meaning “not; and “methystos” meaning “intoxicated.” Ancient Greeks believed that the amethyst could prevent them from becoming drunk. They would often wear amethyst jewelry and decorated drinking vessels with the stone to protect themselves from the pitfalls of drunkenness.

As early as 25000 BC, it is said that the Neolithic people of Europe had used the stone for its beauty and believed legendary energies. Highly valued, amethyst was typically used by the royalty who often set the stone on their crowns and scepters. The stone was also a staple among bishops who wore them as rings, as they did with ruby or diamonds.

Once considered to be rare, amethyst lost its value when major deposits were found in abundance in many parts of the world. Today, deposits can be found in Canada, the US, South Korea, Brazil, and Uruguay. The finest and rarest quality of amethyst is believed to be found in Russia, which is called the “Deep Siberian.” It is made of a primarily purple hue of about 75-80%, and 15-20% of blue hue.

A semi-precious stone, amethyst is a quartz mineral, which is made of silicon ore. Quartz is the most common mineral on the earth’s crust, with amethyst being the rarest of all the Quartz stones.

Aside from its undeniable beauty, the stone is exceptionally known for stimulating the Crown Chakra and the 3rd Eye Chakra. It helps to enhance perception, psychic ability, and accelerate the development of intuition. The stone also initiates understanding, wisdom, and helps to deal with grief.

Also known as the “Artist’s Stone,” or “Poet’s Stone,” amethyst stimulates creative thinking and highly promotes imagination and intuition.

Amethyst Stone Benefits: Why Should You Use It

Healing Properties of Amethyst

Healing Properties of Amethyst

Among amethyst’s many other names is “All-Healer”, which signifies the stone being one of the most effective healing crystals. It is exceptionally beneficial for humans, animals, and even plants. It brings about a long list of benefits that range from healing physical pain, emotional pain, protection against negative energy, stimulating wisdom and creativity, and helping to promote mental clarity.

Reasons to use Amethyst

Here are the reasons why you should use the amethyst crystal in your life today:

1. Nature’s Tranquilizer

Amethyst has a unique calming and sedative quality. It calms and soothes, and beneficial for anyone suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, and hyperactivity both in children and adults. One can also place the stone under a pillow when sleeping, or rub the stone on one’s forehead in a counter-clockwise movement to alleviate insomnia and stimulate pleasant dreams.

It’s also a great solution to prevent and stop children’s nightmares and even fear of the dark. The stone can also be used to combat homesickness.

2. Protects from Psychic Attack

The stone protects against negativity by reflecting back to the universe the ill-wishes and psychic attacks that are thrown at you. Before it reflects back this negative energy, however, it transforms it into positive, loving energy.

3. Curb Overindulgence

Amethyst is a great crystal to combat addiction and overindulgence. If you’re about to go shopping, wearing amethyst jewelry or keeping one in your pocket will help to prevent you from overspending. It’s also a great tool to help you stop smoking, drinking, and abusing drugs.

4. Business Advantage

If you’re in the business of making deals or trades, using an amethyst crystal will help you gain a distinct advantage in negotiations and debates. It helps to calm down angry temperaments, and helps to promote spiritual and intellectual reasoning.

Also considered a luck and prosperity stone, it can also help to prevent unwise investments.

The Healing Properties of Amethyst

1. Physical

The stone can help to boost the production of certain hormones, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, supports the endocrine glands, and supports oxygenation of blood. It helps in digestion, promotes healthier skin, a healthier heart, and known to improve the immune system. It’s also effective in relieving headaches and migraines, and helps to relieve stress and nervous tension.

2. Emotional

Amethyst is a great stone for the overworked, overstressed, and the overwhelmed. It helps individuals get their life back in balance and eases mental anxieties. The stone also encourages the release of sorrow and grief.

3. Chakra Healing

Because Amethyst stimulates the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye, it opens up your perceptions, allowing you to discover new ideas, visions, and solutions.

The stone also opens up the Crown Chakra, which is found on the top of the head. It helps to control how you think and how you respond to the world around you.

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How to Use Amethyst

1. For Feng Shui Purposes

The location of your Amethyst stones in your home is very essential if you want to reap the benefits of this amazing stone. Place an Amethyst cluster in the northeast location of your home to stimulate spiritual growth and self-improvement. Place the cluster in the southeast portion of your home to attract wealth and abundance. For a good reputation, place the stone in the south location of your home.

2. For Business

Place amethyst stones or a cluster in the same location as where you store your money. It can be a check-out counter, a safe, or your desk – attract abundance and prosperity by placing the stone in your location of work.

3. For a Good Night’s Sleep

Beautiful Amethyst Necklace

Beautiful Amethyst Necklace

You can place the stone under your pillow, on your bedtable, or under the mattress to boost lucid dreaming, as well as to fight the occurrence of nightmares and to prevent insomnia.

4. To Eliminate Negative Energy

If your home doesn’t have the aura of positivity, or if you’re currently suffering from negativity in your life, placing a cluster of stones in the center of your home will help to get rid of negative energy. Make sure it is the central location of your house so the energy of the stone radiates throughout the rest of the rooms and spaces.

5. To Improve Mood


Carry an amethyst stone with you throughout the day to enhance your mood and protect you from any negative thoughts of energy.

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones, not just for its beauty, but for its range of benefits that help you improve your general quality of life. It’s the ideal crystal of choice for creatives, and generally helps to heal spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional issues that you may be having.

Wearing amethyst jewelry is a great way to keep the stone by your body at all times. This beautiful amethyst crystal necklace is a great way to enjoy the many healing properties of this semiprecious stone. Click on the picture to find this beautiful necklace and enjoy the wonders that Amethyst can bring into your life.

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